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🌟 Because here, you'll break through to new heights in your sober journey that you might not have reached alone. Joining our community could be the game-changer you need to elevate your path and keep you going. 

🌟 Whether you're just starting out, or have been sober for awhile - with our community by your side, those once-distant goals become achievable milestones. We're with you in every struggle, every victory, offering the solidarity and resources essential for real progress. 

The Results You'll Get

🌟 Learn Life-Changing Skills in Our Courses: You'll learn effective strategies for managing cravings, dealing with triggers, navigating harmful relationships, and discovering new, positive ways to live.

🌟 Gain Insights and Share Your Story in Daily Meetings: Here, you'll have the chance to speak your truth, learn from others, and, as your sobriety strengthens, offer the same support and guidance that helped you.

🌟 Find Daily Motivation in the Chat Feed: The chat feed is your go-to for daily inspiration. Engage in polls 🙋, celebrate your sobriety milestones 🔥, discuss sober literature and podcasts 💬, and listen👂 to sound bites that keep you motivated.

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We're proud to have an exceptional team of coaches who truly stand out in their field. Each one is not only deeply knowledgeable about sobriety but also incredibly skilled at keeping you engaged and inspired on your journey. 

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You’ll get access to:

✨ Live Meetings with SoberBuddy Hosts: Get ready for daily doses of awesome with our live meetings - at least two every day! Led by our super cool SoberBuddy hosts, these aren’t your average meetups. 

✨ Epic Community Chat Feed: Hop into our buzzing chat feed and feel the vibe of a community that’s always got your back. It’s the perfect spot to share a meme, a story, or just some good old encouragement. 

✨ Skill Building Challenges and Exercises: Get pumped for our Community Challenges and Courses that are all about boosting your sober journey with motivation, tips, and evidence-based coping tools.